Producing New York Stage and Film Filmmakers' Workshop

I'm pleased to be returning for a second year as producer of NY Stage & Film Filmmakers' Workshop. Our 2018 writers for the Vassar residency have been selected. Looking forward to spending a week in July with these talented writers and our mentors up at Vassar.  

2018 Writers

Developmental Reading of Caught in the Pulpit with the Civilians

Pleased to be working with producer Megan Kingery, director Steve Cosson, and the Civilians on further development of this play based on interview transcripts with non-believing clergy. A great cast (Caitlin O'Connell, Daniel Jenkins, John Ellison Conlee, Luzer Twersky, Glenn Fitzgerald, Joseph Adams, Danielle Davenport, Jesse J. Perez and Robert Askins) brought the words to life for us and I am working on rewrites towards a workshop this September. 


Caught in the Pulpit in Santa Fe

I am heading to Santa Fe in May to take part in a special event, part of SFI’s 2017 Community Lecture Series. Actors will present select scenes from the play I have been developing, Caught in the Pulpit, followed by discussion with cognitive scientist and philosopher Daniel C. Dennett (who wrote the book/study the play is adapted from) and Michael S. Gazzaniga, a cognitive neuroscientist (and, not coincidentally, my father), about what brain-mind mechanisms might be at work in religious belief — and the implications for individuals and society. 

I am excited to see what we learn from the event - and to visit Santa Fe and work with the generous actors who have agreed to take part in the reading. Elizabeth Wiseman, Charles Gamble, Sabina Dunn, Hania Stocker and Campbell Martin.

"THE LINE" pilot is named finalist for ATX-The Black List TV writing program

THE LINE is a half-hour dark comedy pilot I wrote with Serena da Conceicao. It was just selected by The Black List as part of their ATX partnership, to be sent to studio/network partners at HBO, Bad Robot, Carlton Cuse Productions, Amblin Television, Okay Goodnight, Hazy Mills Productions and Kilter Films for staffing consideration this season.

As part of this ATX- The Black List partnership, the script is also a semi-finalist for the ATX Season 6 Pitch Competition.

THE LINE is about the ghost designer for a celebrity fashion line for a discount superstore.

Read what The Black List founder Franklin Leonard had to say about all this in Variety.

Two Plays Are Finalists - in Ashland and Dallas

My play IN WAYS BOTH FRIVOLOUS AND DEEP was a finalist for Ashland New Plays Festival this year. And while I would have loved to be headed to Oregon for October to spend a week workshopping it, I'm honored it made it that far in the rigorous contest.  And I *will* be going to Dallas to see a reading of 100 DEGREES CELSIUS which was a finalist for Echo Theatre company's Big Shout Out contest - honoring women playwrights.

I tend to be good on cranking material but less good at marketing the wares once they are done. But I have been making more of an effort to send scripts out in the world in the past year or so, and it's nice to see some ROI. Here's hoping there will be more opportunities to get the work out in the world in 2017.

Honoring the filmmakers at the 19th Brooklyn Film Festival

After 12 days of non-stop film screenings, parties and Q&As, the 19th Annual Brooklyn Film Festival wrapped on Sunday night. I learned so much programming the narrative features and met some talented filmmakers. Very grateful to the volunteer screeners who helped me watch films all winter: Matt Brandenburgh, R.J. Foster, Jimmy Gartly, Taneka Morris, Robert Murray, Sarah Pirozek and Laurie Weltz. And glad I didn't have to be a judge but thrilled with the choices the jury (Marilyn Agrelo, David Chachere, Peter Christian Hall, Sarah Pirozek, Laurie Weltz) made.

I'll share more about the experience soon, but in the meantime, check out the winners and watch for their films in the coming year. 

Brooklyn FIlm Festival award winners

With the winners of the Indie Spirit Award for Narrative Feature - the team behind the Indian horror/suspence film Lapacchapi (Hide N Seek)

With the winners of the Indie Spirit Award for Narrative Feature - the team behind the Indian horror/suspence film Lapacchapi (Hide N Seek)



Celebrating women writers in TV

I was in LA on Wednesday for a celebration of the 2016 WriteHer List. Many thanks to We For She, and it's founders Claudia Maittlen-Harris, Katy McCaffreyJenni Blong Livingston and AnnaLea Rawicz Arnold for their advocacy for women in TV.


VH1 and WeForShe celebrate the 2016 WriteHer List on April 27, 2016 in Los Angeles, California. ©VH1/PictureGroup — with  Sharon Lawrence ,  Miura Smith Kite ,  Claudia Maittlen-Harris ,  Katy McCaffrey ,  Maggie Malina ,  Jenni Blong Livingston  and  AnnaLea Rawicz Arnold .

VH1 and WeForShe celebrate the 2016 WriteHer List on April 27, 2016 in Los Angeles, California. ©VH1/PictureGroup — with Sharon Lawrence, Miura Smith Kite, Claudia Maittlen-Harris, Katy McCaffrey, Maggie Malina, Jenni Blong Livingston and AnnaLea Rawicz Arnold.

It was great to meet so many of the honorees.

2016 WriteHer List writers.

2016 WriteHer List writers.

2016 WriteHer List

My spec pilot YANK is on the 2016 WriteHer List. As Deadline Hollywood reports:  "The scripts were culled from nearly 200 nominations and evaluated based on criteria including diversity of cast, the Bechdel Test, and the number and quality of female roles." Thanks to We For She for advocating for more women in TV.

YANK: When Bollywood Princess Mira Vijay has to flee the Mumbai mob, she must start over in NYC as a bikini wax specialist.


2016 News

It's been a busy few months. A few highlights:

I am in the midst of a development workshop for my play Caught in the Pulpit , getting to spend time with a generous group of creative minds. More on this soon...

I'm pleased to be the new narrative feature programmer for the Brooklyn Film Festival this year.  The 18-year old festival was named one of the top 50 festivals worth the entry fee by Moviemaker magazine. I will be spending this winter watching indie films and am looking forward to sharing the selections this June in Brooklyn.

I have been working on a rewrite of my pilots BABE'S which deals with an anchor baby business in southern California.

And I am continuing to write for and working on some behind-the-scenes pieces for a new AMC show. Stay warm and stay tuned.

New Play in Development

Last week I had a reading of the first draft of a play I am working on, currently called Caught in the Pulpit, based on interviews with non-believing clergy. The interviews were part of a study by Daniel C. Dennett and Linda LaScola, and they published a book  (Caught in the Pulpit: Leaving Belief Behind) about their research.

I have spent many hours, days, months over the past year poring over original transcripts, identifying possible characters, themes, scenes. The amazing and generous cast of 11 actors who read for the small group of invited listeners brought these clergy to life splendidly. Now the hard part begins: the next draft.  It is fascinating material and I am grateful to be working on it. I  feel a great responsibility to Dan, Linda and the interview subjects to do their stories justice.

Here's a piece that Linda wrote about the reading, and about the play's development.

2015 Black List TV Staffing Book

As a freelance writer, I am a bit burnt out on listicles, but I was pleased to be included in the 2015 Black List TV Staffing Book as one of 31 writers "who, based on the merits of their spec pilots, we believe have strong potential for staffing on television shows."

I was listed in the comedy section for my dark comedy spec:

900-Confess “Meet Jane D’O”
Jane D’O works at a sleazy 900 call center, eliciting confessions from strangers. But she’s no saint: She’s out to absolve her own guilt about people she’s left behind.