Caught in the Pulpit in Santa Fe

I am heading to Santa Fe in May to take part in a special event, part of SFI’s 2017 Community Lecture Series. Actors will present select scenes from the play I have been developing, Caught in the Pulpit, followed by discussion with cognitive scientist and philosopher Daniel C. Dennett (who wrote the book/study the play is adapted from) and Michael S. Gazzaniga, a cognitive neuroscientist (and, not coincidentally, my father), about what brain-mind mechanisms might be at work in religious belief — and the implications for individuals and society. 

I am excited to see what we learn from the event - and to visit Santa Fe and work with the generous actors who have agreed to take part in the reading. Elizabeth Wiseman, Charles Gamble, Sabina Dunn, Hania Stocker and Campbell Martin.